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The Grifters 1990

Crime Drama Thriller


Based on the pulp novel by Jim Thompson, this neo-noir film tells the story of Lilly Dillon, a long-time female con artist who begins to rethink her life when her son Roy, also a grifter, suffers an almost-fatal injury when he is beaten after a failed scam.


Stephen Frears


Anjelica Huston, John Cusack, Annette Bening, Jan Munroe, Robert Weems, Stephen Tobolowsky, Jimmy Noonan, Richard Holden, Henry Jones, Michael Laskin, Eddie Jones, Sandy Baron, Lou Hancock, Gailard Sartain, Noelle Harling, Ivette Soler, Pat Hingle, Paul Adelstein, Jeremy Piven, Gregory Sporleder, David Sinaiko, Jeff Perry, Jon Gries, Charles Napier, J.T. Walsh, Teresa Gilmore, Elizabeth Ann Feeley, Billy Ray Sharkey, Frances Bay, Xander Berkeley, Micole Mercurio

Release Date

14 Sep 1990


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Lee [917]
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13 Feb 2013 -

Lee [917]
rated 7.0 and says:

A really bazaar story about a group of con artists. Keeps you guessing throughout. Worth seeing just to get a look at Annette Bennings beauty in the nude. Now I know what Warren Beatty had on his mind.

leslie.. [1351]


Lee [917]