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Egon & Dönci 2009


Egon and Dönci are two lonely inhabitants on a distant solar-system's tiny planetary. Egon is an amateur "space-exploratory" trying to seem very moderate, but his deeds are dogged by constant ill fortune cased mostly by his fumbler cat, Dönci. The film puts on the two figures' comic conflicts, vicissitudes, as they get into all kinds of staggering adventures while exploring the sensible existence far away from earth. They live through every situation in a peculiar way. Egon and Dönci never talk. They communicate with each other and with the viewer in the most simple way - with childlike mimicry, one syllable sounds, gestures - therefore they are not bantered to any determined language. In this way they are understood by the youngest age-group as well as the elder on any part of the Earth. Last, but not least the film's aim is to familiarize the viewer with the planets of our solar-system, the main curiosities of the outer space, it's characteristics and regularities with the intention to educate.


Ádám Magyar

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01 May 2009


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